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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blind Doggy Plays Catch!

my mother worried so much that her old german shepherd was going blind. i tried to explain to her that with dogs they don't have 'society' telling them that we lose senses with age and that is okay.
however dogs are not ever told this so they go on with the attitude of acceptance and use what they are given in life. for dogs to go blind in old age or other conditions they just accept it as a normal part of life and they go on as a normal stage of life with no worries (only us humans worry about everything).
something we humans can learn from when we wallow in self pity over the affects of aging (after all we are taught that we must "age gracefully." slowing down and the normal stage of aging, losing eyesight, hearing etc. "are bad things."
i feel this dog is a great example of sharing with us that no matter what our limitations in life are; we can be happy, energetic, love life and romp and play without bumping into things. if you didn't know he was blind, you'd think he was a normal dog.
so when i found these clips i just had to share in hopes we can learn from a very amazing dog.

"Riddle was born with no eyes, but he is just like every other dog, maybe a little smarter." (hullshaven,June 16, 2009)

thank you hullshaven June 16, 2009 for sharing this amazing dog with us!